Disease Understanding

Disease profiling and understanding alongside insight into the current drug landscape is critical to drug discovery and development research.
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Thomson Reuters can help you gain invaluable disease insights. Our comprehensive, manually-curated set of Disease Briefings provide you with knowledge and information to enhance and accelerate your life sciences R&D efforts.  

Access the most relevant and up-to-date information when exploring new disease areas.  

  • Explore a wide range of diseases, from Acne to West Nile Virus, using powerful search capabilities
  • Assess the current competitive landscape for launched and new drugs for the disease via tables - updated daily - disclosing marketed and developmental compounds
  • Identify and explore the target landscape for your chosen therapy area / disease
  • See this information in a wider context - the Disease Briefings have links to additional information such as detailed drug records (including chemical structures) supported by preclinical and clinical studies
  • Easily reference key disease facts , such as risk factors, prevalence and incidence, morbidity and mortality figures, cost – including images and multimedia presentations  

Download a free sample Disease Briefings Report

The Briefings supplied are a sample of our full content.

150 full reports, dynamically updated, providing live links to our pipeline content and experimental data, are available as part of our product portfolio. If you are interested in licensing our full Disease Briefing content, or our comprehensive pipeline data linked to these, please contact us.

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