Biomarker Discovery

Biomarkers are defined as detectable biological measurements which correspond to a certain disease, drug response, or any other phenotype

As all humans are different in millions of technically detectable measurements, identifying patterns in gene, protein, or RNA changes specific for a disease subtype for example is an extremely difficult challenge. Reliable biomarkers of “clinical grade” that work on large populations are very valuable in drug discovery, patient stratification, translational medicine, and drug repositioning.

Over the last 12 years, Thomson Reuters has built a comprehensive manually curated database of experimental and clinical biomarkers of multiple types and created sophisticated tools to help you realize the full potential of your biomarker research.

  • Comprehensive biomarker databases with powerful search interfaces will provide you with known information to save your time and research efforts. Biomarkers Graphic >>
  • Manually curated systems biology content (pathway maps, protein interactions, OMICs data repositories) will guarantee viable hypotheses for discovery and validation of new biomarkers. Annotated Pathway Map Graphic >>
  • Sophisticated data analysis algorithms behind easy-to-use interfaces will ensure reliable results for savvy bioinformaticians and bench biologists. Innovative Tools Graphic >>
  • Experienced data analysts and disease biologists will help your team with analysis and interpretation of your data for ultimate biomarker discovery results.