Data and Content Mining

In any field, meaningful data mining requires comprehensive, relevant content and powerful contextual searching

In life sciences and drug discovery, relevant content means information of all genes and proteins of known function, their interactions, associations with diseases and toxicities, drugs and other bioactive compounds, biomarkers, and many more manually assembled and curated in structured, computer-readable form. Efficient searching in such a diverse and vast knowledge base relies on consistent semantics between the data types and sources, which comprises common terminology, ontologies, synonym dictionaries, and controlled vocabularies for data annotation.

Thomson Reuters specializes in data-mining, and over 10 years has built arguably the most comprehensive and sophisticated knowledge base in life sciences, available through multiple powerful search and browsing options.

  • Integrated knowledge base of biological, chemical, toxicological, and disease information will provide a holistic approach for multi-disciplinary data mining applications. MetaSearch Graphic >>
  • Manually curated high quality data you can trust will become your go-to solution for everyday information challenges. Protein Search Results Graphic >>
  • Smart and easy Google-like searches and flexible conditional search systems will provide you with comprehensive or focused answers on your questions.EZ Search Graphic >>
  • Knowledge management experts are ready to help you to organize an efficient data flow within your institution, custom data curation, database integrations, ontology development, and other challenges. Clinical Data Project Graphic >>

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