OMICs Data Analysis

Functional, or systems, analysis of OMICs data aims to identify the pathways and biological processes most affected in the datasets and point out the key genes as potential biomarkers and drug targets.

Functional analysis is widely applicable in personalized and translational medicine, drug repositioning, and patient stratification, among many practice areas.

OMICs data analysis relies on quality knowledge base of pathway maps, protein interactions, functional ontologies, gene-disease associations, for example, and advanced analytical algorithms for enrichment, interactome and network analysis. Thomson Reuters offers arguably the most comprehensive systems analysis platform on the market. Highlights:

  • High-quality systems biology content (pathway maps, protein interactions, disease biomarkers, functional ontology) will ensure accurate and reliable analysis results. Biomarkers Graphic >>
  • Validated data analysis algorithms combine power of statistical approaches and comprehensiveness of functional methods for generation of strong hypotheses for your research. Network Page Graphic >>
  • Easy-to-use interfaces, convenient exports and one-click workflows will get you up to speed with systems biology in no time. Innovative Tools Graphic >>
  • Experienced data analysts and disease biologists will help your team with analysis and interpretation of your data bringing an ultimate pathway analysis expertise to your side. OMICs Report Graphic >>

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