Safety Assessment

With recent advances in OMICs biology, toxicogenomics, proteomics, and metabolomics are being increasingly employed to characterize small molecule compounds' effects on biological systems, address mechanisms of toxicity, and predict outcomes.

These novel fields rely on specialized curated databases, toxicity-related biomarkers and sophisticated functional analysis tools.

Gain an in-depth understanding of the mechanisms behind toxicity-related OMICs data and make educated compound safety decisions with Thomson Reuters systems toxicology solutions. Created in collaboration with the FDA and leading pharmaceutical companies, the Systems Toxicology Module features a unique manually-curated specialty knowledge base, and a professional grade systems biology toolkit for in-depth analysis of high-throughput toxicity data or assessment of safety profiles of drug-like compounds from structure.

  • Comprehensive database of animal toxicity will save you time and resources by providing access to variety of treatment scenarios and outcomes. Database Graphic >>
  • Detailed ontology of histopathological endpoints covering 19 organs will bring analysis results to a new level with clear, testable hypotheses and strong mechanistic interpretation. Detailed Oncology Graphic >>
  • Reliable chemoinformatic tools (metabolite prediction, structural alerts, QSAR modeling) will help you take the first steps with novel compounds, or increase your confidence cross-validating results of toxicogenomic analysis. Chemical Tools Graphic >>
  • Board-certified toxicologists and medicinal chemists will enhance your team providing unbiased evaluation of your structures and targets and help make decisions faster. Experts Graphic >>

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