Target Identification

Exact protein targets are identified only for a small fraction of biologically active compounds. Moreover, most small molecule compounds have multiple targets differentially expressed and interconnected in tissue -, cell type - and disease - specific manner.

In life sciences research and drug discovery, target identification is a daunting task, which requires expertise in multiple fields, sophisticated experimentation, powerful knowledge resources, computational tools — and a lot of luck.

Thomson Reuters can help with some of these by providing state-of-the art databases of biologically active compounds, drug targets associated with hundreds diseases and pathways, and powerful bioinformatics and chemoinformatics tools to make sense out of this knowledge in context of your experiments and assays.

  • Comprehensive databases of target biology and drug information will guide you in evaluation of target relevance to diseases and finding known chemical modulators. MetaSearch Graphic >>
  • Specifically designed target identification methods will allow you to identify perspective targets invisible in OMICs data. Interactome Tool Graphic >>
  • Broad coverage of disease pathways including disease and tissue specific gain/loss of protein functions will serve as a great source of new targets and guide you in target validation effort. MetaMiner Pathway Map Graphic >>
  • Experienced medicinal chemists, toxicologists, and disease biologists will be on your side in target identification studies to help make critical decisions. Target Dossier Graphic >>

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