Translational Medicine

Translational science aims to apply biomarkers discovered in preclinical research for predicting potential clinical outcomes. At the same time, data generated in clinical trials can be used to enhance early stage discovery by suggesting potential safety and efficacy tests for animal models and in vitro experiments.

Translational research relies on a continuous stream of knowledge between multiple silos and disciplines that requires close monitoring and consistent semantics. The systems biology approach developed by Thomson Reuters provides integrated databases and comprehensive tools well suited for translational research.

  • An integrated knowledge base of biological, chemical, toxicology, and disease information will provide a holistic approach for translational medicine use cases.MetaSearch Graphic >>
  • Organism -, tissue -, cell type - and cell line-specific information (pathway maps, protein interactions, OMICs experiments) will ensure success of your disease model studies. Cell Type Map Graphic >>
  • Experienced data analysts, medicinal chemists, and disease biologists will enhance your team when cross-discipline expertise is necessary for translational medicine applications. OMICs Report Graphic >>

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