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MetaCore is an integrated software suite for functional analysis of Next Generation Sequencing, variant, CNV, microarray, metabolic, SAGE, proteomics, siRNA, microRNA, and screening data. MetaCore is based on a high-quality, manually-curated database of:

  • Transcription factors, receptors, ligands, kinases, drugs, and endogenous metabolites as well as other molecular classes.
  • Species-specific directional interactions between protein-protein, protein-DNA and protein-RNA, drug targeting, and bioactive molecules and their effects.
  • Signaling and metabolic pathways represented on maps and Networks.
  • Rich ontologies for diseases and processes with hierarchical or graphic output.

Variant Analysis with Genomic Analysis Tool 

Seize the opportunity Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) presents in improving disease understanding. Our new extended NGS capability is fully integrated with MetaCore using the new Gene Variant Database and Genomic Analysis Tool (GAT) 

  • Analyze your data, with integrated analysis for gene expression data and variant data
  • Streamline your variant workflows: cohort, somatic mutation, and trio analysis
  • Store and share your data results with a secure server, assisting collaboration between users

Integrated Analytics and Causal Reasoning with the new Key Pathway Advisor

Key Pathway Advisor has a simple and intuitive interface designed for biologists and bioinformaticians to easily upload their gene expression and variant data. The results are presented in a structured report with detailed pathway analysis for disease understanding.

  • Simplifies ‘omics data analysis
  • Performs causal reasoning network analysis and applies a comprehensive pathway analysis workflow
  • Enables gene expression and gene variant data integration
  • Generates interactive structured reports for further analysis or sharing  

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  • MetaCore Factsheet

    MetaCore Factsheet

  • Key Pathway Advisor- Powered by MetaCore

    Key Pathway Advisor on MetaCore accelerates your gene expression research and helps your organization spark innovation in patient stratification, disease mechanism reconstruction,
    target and biomarker discovery, and pharmacogenomics.

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Something that I do with MetaCore in one afternoon now, would have taken a week before.
- Dr. Charles Lecellier, Principal Investigator , IGMM

Within a couple of hours we can now identify targets that we previously hadn't considered
- A computational drug development team in a top 5 pharma company

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