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Precision Medicine Intelligence solves scientists' problems of not being able to keep up with the rapid growth of literature and clinical documents, providing a structured database of key clinical outcomes for creating custom applications for clinical reporting and patient stratification.

Specially blended from decades of expertise in manual curation of diverse information for professionals, Precision Medicine Intelligence comprises more than 170,000 variant association records and 990,000 gene association records linked to disease and drug response phenotypes, 230,000 clinical trials, and 17,000 drugs presented with one linked data model that can be used to identify driver mutations and patient populations, and precisely design or recommend clinical trials.

•   Genomic variants and their association to disease and drug response
•   Active and recruiting Clinical trials and their inclusion/exclusion criteria
•   Comprehensive source of Investigational and Marketed Drugs and their mechanism of action linked to known genes
•   Gene and protein level biomarker associations to disease
•   Evidence scoring to enable you to choose the level of confidence you wish to apply to your interpretation

Precision Medicine Intelligence content can be delivered via a RESTful/SOAP API, XML data feed, or professional service engagements. Content can be integrated with other Thomson Reuters content sets or a customer's internal data, enhancing its value to customers.


  • Empowering evidence based gene-variant annotation, interpretation, and clinical actionability
  • Addressing bio-informatics and molecular scientists in clinical labs and medical research hospitals


  • Identify the most efficient and safest drug for a cohort of patients, in order to improve clinical trial outcomes and increase chances of successful approval and commercialization
  • Addresses R&D professionals in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries


For more information, download one of our fact sheets: 

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